Coronavirus Statement :MassageBeneficial

Coronavirus Statement Update: MassageBeneficial will be closed for business until further notice.

On the advice of our healthcare professionals and the directive of our decisive Governor I have decided to pause my practice until it is deemed safe for both clients / patients and for myself to return to the lovely and healing world of touch. 

As I am in a high risk group, I will be continuing with practice closure until after 8/1/2020. Look for a new update, soon after. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns and thank you for your understanding and your patience. Note that, at this writing, there are other facilities seeing patients. Although I don't have any specific recommendations, you may want to check with your healthcare provider for possible referral if you are in need of treatment. 

I want to let all of my clients / patients know how grateful I am to you for your trusting me with your care prior to the current Pandemic. I look forward to seeing you all again and hope you are safe and well throughout. 

Kindest regards,

ReBecca Lavin, LMT

(206) 271.0622