Hours & Rates

Relaxation Massage: Light to moderate Swedish technique 
Nurturing Touch: Gentle adaptive touch. Includes variations on Light Swedish.
Circulatory Massage: Great for couch potatoes! 
Invigorating Relaxation: Brisk & rejuvenating
  •  30 minutes                         $55
  •  60 minutes                         $90
  •  90 minutes                         $130 
  • 120 minutes                        $165
  • Add on Aroma Therapy     $10 for a special layering of single oils and blends) Heavenly!

Deep Therapeutic Relaxation: By far, the most requested and 'yummy' of my treatments, dubbed 'The Stress Buster'. Combining aspects of several techniques blended together to create a deeply relaxing and reformative experience. Working with the nervous system through speed (slow, so slow...), depth and breath to effect change in the musculature, and interrupt the stress cycle. 

  • 30 minutes                       $55
  • 60 minutes                       $90  
  • 90 minutes                       $130 (recommended for full body) 
  • 120 minutes                     $175 (Allows for a supper slow and relaxing session with time for floor work w/ assisted stretch)
  • Add Aroma Therapy to any treatment modality of 60 minutes or longer for $10 or bring your own essential oils (doTERRA only) for no fee AT. 
Deep Tissue / Injury Treatment: May be blended with other techniques as deemed appropriate by therapist. image
  • 30 minutes                         $55
  • 60 minutes                         $90        
  • 90 minutes                         $130 (recommended for full body)
  • Add Aroma Therapy to any treatment modality of 60 minutes or longer for $10 or bring your own essential oils (doTERRA only) for no fee AT. 
  • Note that injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident or other similar trauma related injury (TBD) are billed at $30 per unit (each unit = 15 minutes) or $120 per 60 minute TX.
Aroma Therapy: Stand-alone Aromatherapy Technique (essential oils and blends, layered to maximize therapeutic effect and balance the, truly, amazing aromatic experience. Be prepared to soak it all in! (Light Relaxation)  image
  • 30 minutes                        $60
  • 45 minutes                        $75
  • 60 minutes                        $95

Ashi-Fusion:  Ashiatsu (foot pressure) Oriental Bar Massage is blended with various traditional massage techniques for individualized, deep relaxing, luxurious massage experience. 

  • 60 minutes                      $100
  • 90 minutes                      $140  (recommended for the best results as Ashi is a slow moving train) 

Education & Self Care:image

Private Couples Massage Workshops:  I teach Couple's Massage to show you how to give  a great Deep Relaxation or Nurturing Touch Massage to your partner (who is in complete bliss because they are getting a great Four-Handed Massage from the two of us). Then you switch places and it is your turn to be indulged while I show your partner how to give you an incredible Ultra Relaxation or Nurturing Touch Massage. It is a wonderful time of learning, touch and exploration. I help couples, friends & family members learn how to slow down and really show their appreciation for each other through the power of touch and massage. As a separate workshop or as an add on to this class, I also teach specifics on how best to address yours & your partners chronic pain patterns with Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Treatment techniques.

  • 3 hour workshop           $300 ($100 per hour for couple)    
  • (additional time, if needed, is charged at the same rate of $100 per hour, per couple) 

 Individual Massage Workshops: I offer individual massage workshops for the person that wants to learn how to give a great massage or develop their sense of touch and possibly surprise someone in their life with their newly developed skills and understanding. Sometimes people get all they need in one session and sometimes they come back for a couple of sessions to solidify and expand their new skills.

 I recommend having someone that you can work on while I guide you through some great massage techniques. You can bring a friend with you to massage during the session or I can provide you someone to massage (sometimes there is an additional $25 an hour charge for this). Usually a massage Colleague or a client who can give good feedback during your workshop.

  • 2 Hour Workshop  $200
  • Additional time, if needed, is charged at $100 per hour
Gift Certificates and 'Gracious Gifts':
1) The Gift of massage is always appreciated by friends, family and business associates, alike. 
2) Do you or your group/community know of someone who could benefit from massage but is financially unable, through job loss or other circumstances? Talk to us about creating a fund with a discount! 
  •  Pre-paid, value-based. See policies for details. Minimums and availability apply.
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